My Dream Vacation


I would like to go Croatia with my mother on my dream vacation. Last winter, I watched a TV program called “Sisters Over Flowers” with my mother. It was about actresses going on a trip to Croatia. There are many beautiful places which are very interesting for me, and many people there are so nice that it made me want to go there. I promised my mother, we will travel to Croatia when I get a job. In Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, I can see the Zagreb Cathedral. It is a Roman Catholic institution and the tallest building in Croatia. The cathedral is typically Gothic which has great architectural value. I also want to go to Dubrovnik. It is a small Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. ‘Buza Cafe’ is famous cafe in Dubrovnik. It is located on a cliff. I can see beautiful ocean view. I want to see it and drink an Ozujsko Lemon, a Croatian beer. I plan to visit there on summer. Winter is the best time to visit, because Croatia is very cold in winter. I will spend two weeks in Croatia. I think I will spend about one million won, so I worked hard to get money which is needed for my vacation. I’m looking forward to going there.


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