Superstition is an irrational belief, which has no scientific or rational evidence. There are many commonly believed superstitions in Korea. One example of Korean superstition is the belief that if you dream about pigs, soon you’ll have extra income. Some people believe that this superstition originated from the fact that pigs are taken as a symbol of luck in China. Another example of Korean superstition is that sleeping in a closed room with a fan operating will kill you. However, many doctors and scientists say that it is preposterous and doesn’t have any scientific or medical evidence. Also, there’s a very commonly believed idea that the number 4 means bad luck. This is due to the fact that the pronunciation of “4” in Korean is “Sa”, which is same as the pronunciation of “death” in Korean. While many superstitions usually indicate bad luck, there are also superstitions related to good luck. In America, for example, having a rabbit’s foot will bring you luck. This superstition can be creepy because in some part of America, people really do carry charms made out of cut rabbit foot. Although superstitions are not scientifically proven, many people still have faith in it. One example is my grandmother. She always tells me not to do something because it will bring bad outcome. One time, I happened to write my brother’s name in red pen. My grandmother was astonished to see that and told me I shouldn’t because writing people’s name in red will bring them awfully bad luck, even death. However, I don’t find myself superstitious. As I mentioned, superstitions suggest no scientific evidence, therefore seem less persuasive. Because of this lack of firm evidence, I believe superstitions will keep losing its persuasion power and people will be less superstitious in the future.




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