My Favorite TV Show


My favorite English TV show is “Glee“. “Glee” is an American musical comedy-drama television series. It is story about high school students who belong to William McKineldy High School glee club, New Directions. Three years ago, I watched “Glee” season 1 the ninth episode on YouTube by chance. In that episode, one of the glee members sang the song called “Defying Gravity” which is a number from “Wicked” the musical. I was fascinated by his beautiful voice. Soon after, I downloaded full episodes of “Glee” by online, and I watched even episode in only three days! Nowadays, I can’t watch it because I am too busy, but I still have “Glee” cast songs mp3 on my smartphone. Sadly, the main male lead, Cory Monteith, died last year. I can’t imagine Glee without Cory. It’s that makes me sorry. I miss his great voice and performance. Now, I know that he can’t come back to glee. However “Glee” is still a best English TV show for me.


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