My Life in Five Years


In the next five years, I would like to learn more about art business administration in the graduate school. To study more about the field, I want to live America for a few years.  American universities’ art management program is well organized than Korean universities’. I want to learn more about business skills and its creative application in cultural field in America. If I have a chance, I like to work in the art management field while I’m in U.S to build my career. In addition, while studying art management in U.S, I want to improve my English language skill. I’m also looking forward to make new friends who came from various countries. My ultimate goal is to establish my own arts agency which can help artists who have great abilities in about 5 to 10 years. The mentioned above are the footsteps I’m trying to follow. To do so, I understand that I have to be prepared, like earning enough money, or raising my English skills. Therefore, I will try to get a part time job which requires English skills, to make some money and also to improve my English skills. Furthermore, I’m considering joining overseas internship program our school supports. I can earn money and learn more about English and business skills at the same time by joining the program. Lastly, I have to raise my self-confidence. I’ve given up many things only due to the lack of self-confidence, and I don’t want to replay it. To do so, I’m actually taking counseling sessions in school counseling center. I do believe next 5 years is the most critical period in my life. If I try hard enough, I think I can make my way through a great art manager in 5 years.

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