My Life in Five Years


In the next five years, I would like to learn more about art business administration in the graduate school. To study more about the field, I want to live America for a few years.  American universities’ art management program is well organized than Korean universities’. I want to learn more about business skills and its creative application in cultural field in America. If I have a chance, I like to work in the art management field while I’m in U.S to build my career. In addition, while studying art management in U.S, I want to improve my English language skill. I’m also looking forward to make new friends who came from various countries. My ultimate goal is to establish my own arts agency which can help artists who have great abilities in about 5 to 10 years. The mentioned above are the footsteps I’m trying to follow. To do so, I understand that I have to be prepared, like earning enough money, or raising my English skills. Therefore, I will try to get a part time job which requires English skills, to make some money and also to improve my English skills. Furthermore, I’m considering joining overseas internship program our school supports. I can earn money and learn more about English and business skills at the same time by joining the program. Lastly, I have to raise my self-confidence. I’ve given up many things only due to the lack of self-confidence, and I don’t want to replay it. To do so, I’m actually taking counseling sessions in school counseling center. I do believe next 5 years is the most critical period in my life. If I try hard enough, I think I can make my way through a great art manager in 5 years.

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Social Issue


A social issue which concerns me is the high unemployment rate for university graduates in South Korea. Having a good education is an important requisite for finding job. Accoring to the OECD data, 81% adults aged 25-64 have earned the equivalent of high school degree, higher than the OECD average of 75%. However, only 64% of people in Korea have a paid job, slightly below the OECD employment average of 65%. Unemployment rate is especially high among young Koreans who just graduated from university. Each year, when students graduate from university, they start to look for a job. However some 3 million people with university degrees are now jobless and more and more young Koreans give up looking for job. Sometimes this problem make it worse. For example, university students are not immune to the stresses caused by employment. This situation makes unemployed students feel deep depression. With rising stress level, some students often looked to suicide as the quick answer. This problem contributes to a new serious social issue. Job seekers who have a higher education degree don’t want to work in ‘3D‘(Difficult, Dangerous, Dirty) industries. They want to work for a large company like Samsung, In my opinion, maybe they think a large company can compensate for their effort and money which are consumed to get a degree. Nowadays, levels of unemployment for university graduates are expected to higher and higher. According to estimates by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, a shortage of 320,000 high school leavers is expected by 2020, in contrast to a surplus of 500,000 in university graduates. Many senior students take a year off school because it is not easy to find job. To get a work experience, some graduates seek graduate school. However it is not fundamental solution. It is very sad that students who have great ability can’t work even if they want to do. I very worried about that because now I’m senior. I think government-level’s solution is needed.

My Favorite TV Show


My favorite English TV show is “Glee“. “Glee” is an American musical comedy-drama television series. It is story about high school students who belong to William McKineldy High School glee club, New Directions. Three years ago, I watched “Glee” season 1 the ninth episode on YouTube by chance. In that episode, one of the glee members sang the song called “Defying Gravity” which is a number from “Wicked” the musical. I was fascinated by his beautiful voice. Soon after, I downloaded full episodes of “Glee” by online, and I watched even episode in only three days! Nowadays, I can’t watch it because I am too busy, but I still have “Glee” cast songs mp3 on my smartphone. Sadly, the main male lead, Cory Monteith, died last year. I can’t imagine Glee without Cory. It’s that makes me sorry. I miss his great voice and performance. Now, I know that he can’t come back to glee. However “Glee” is still a best English TV show for me.


Superstition is an irrational belief, which has no scientific or rational evidence. There are many commonly believed superstitions in Korea. One example of Korean superstition is the belief that if you dream about pigs, soon you’ll have extra income. Some people believe that this superstition originated from the fact that pigs are taken as a symbol of luck in China. Another example of Korean superstition is that sleeping in a closed room with a fan operating will kill you. However, many doctors and scientists say that it is preposterous and doesn’t have any scientific or medical evidence. Also, there’s a very commonly believed idea that the number 4 means bad luck. This is due to the fact that the pronunciation of “4” in Korean is “Sa”, which is same as the pronunciation of “death” in Korean. While many superstitions usually indicate bad luck, there are also superstitions related to good luck. In America, for example, having a rabbit’s foot will bring you luck. This superstition can be creepy because in some part of America, people really do carry charms made out of cut rabbit foot. Although superstitions are not scientifically proven, many people still have faith in it. One example is my grandmother. She always tells me not to do something because it will bring bad outcome. One time, I happened to write my brother’s name in red pen. My grandmother was astonished to see that and told me I shouldn’t because writing people’s name in red will bring them awfully bad luck, even death. However, I don’t find myself superstitious. As I mentioned, superstitions suggest no scientific evidence, therefore seem less persuasive. Because of this lack of firm evidence, I believe superstitions will keep losing its persuasion power and people will be less superstitious in the future.



My Dream Vacation


I would like to go Croatia with my mother on my dream vacation. Last winter, I watched a TV program called “Sisters Over Flowers” with my mother. It was about actresses going on a trip to Croatia. There are many beautiful places which are very interesting for me, and many people there are so nice that it made me want to go there. I promised my mother, we will travel to Croatia when I get a job. In Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, I can see the Zagreb Cathedral. It is a Roman Catholic institution and the tallest building in Croatia. The cathedral is typically Gothic which has great architectural value. I also want to go to Dubrovnik. It is a small Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. ‘Buza Cafe’ is famous cafe in Dubrovnik. It is located on a cliff. I can see beautiful ocean view. I want to see it and drink an Ozujsko Lemon, a Croatian beer. I plan to visit there on summer. Winter is the best time to visit, because Croatia is very cold in winter. I will spend two weeks in Croatia. I think I will spend about one million won, so I worked hard to get money which is needed for my vacation. I’m looking forward to going there.

My Classmate Kim Hoon-do


This week I interviewed Kim Hoon-do, and I found him to be a very interesting person. He is now twenty five years old. His hometown is Ulsan. He likes his hometown because it has beautiful view of the ocean. His major is Media and Creative Writing. He said he spends his free time watching movies and playing games. He likes zombie movies because he loves the thrill of horror. He recommended watch the movie ‘Dawn of the Dead’. When he was young, his dream was to be a zookeeper. Although his childhood dream is not come true, he still likes animals, so he is planning to have a cat. Nowadays, his new dream is to become a sports journalist and scriptwriter. Mitch Albom, a well-known American sport journalist and scriptwriter, is his rolemodel. I want to cheer on his dream. I really enjoyed my conversation with my passionate interviewee.

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

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I definitely can not live without my Americano coffee, naps, or my smart phone. Nowadays, I need two and a half hours to get to school. Because of that, I have to wake up at 5 o’clock every morning. I am not getting enough sleep at all. I catch up on some sleep when I’m in-between classes. One hour naps help me pick up my sprit. Caffeine in Americano coffees also make me feel less tired and more alert. Coffee is not only delicious, but it  is also good for my concentration. Lastly, I can do many things on a smart phone. When I have spare time, I usually surf the internet by using smart phone.