My Hometown


Street filled with many institutes (Hagwon-ga, Anyang)
Street filled with many institutes (Hagwon-ga, Anyang)


My hometown of Anyang is one of the best cities to live in Korea. I was born in Seoul, and I lived there for tweleve years. When I was thirteen years old, my family moved to Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. Anyang is just south of Seoul. I have lived Anyang ever since. Due to my pleasant memories of schooldays in Anyang, I think it is the hometown of my heart. I know lots of interesting thing about Anyang. First, Anyang is the city of youth. There are six hundred thousand people in the Anyang, and the demographic is proportionally young, with more than seventy percent that number under forty years old. Second, Anyang is famous for its education fever. Because of the young population, there are twenty one high school in Anyang. In particular, Anyang has one thousand and twenty-six private education institutions with ninety-seven thousand students in attendance. The main area for these institutes is academy street known locally as Hagwon-ga. Lastly, there are a lot of well-known people who live in Anyang. Anyang is home to the well known Anyang High School of Arts which has produced many nationally and internationally known pop entertainers including Rain, Seven, as well as Wonder-Girls’s Kim Yubin, and KARA’s Park Gyuri. I hope to live here as long as possible.


Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Kim Eun-rim. I’m twenty three years old, and I’m in my senior year now. My double major is Creative Writing and Media Communication. This semester, I started a plural major in Business School. Sometimes, studying various subjects makes me confused, but it is well worth the effort. To go to school, I have to commute between Jochiwon and Anam. I also have to take a bus early in the morning every day. Due to my physical strength being bad, this situation makes me feel tired easily, so my goal this semester is to develop my physical strength and get a good grades in all classes. My hobbies are shopping and eating delicious food in nice places. Every weekend, I go around Seoul to eat at famous restaurants with my friend. My favorite place is Daehak-ro and Gyeongridan-gil in Itaewon. Gyeongridan-gil is an especially trendy spot in Seoul today. There are many unique cafes, boutique stores, and restaurants which are not franchises. This is the reason why I like Gyeongridan-gil. I want to develope my English writing and speaking skills through this class. I think it will be very interesting to write an English blog. I’m looking forward to it already. Thank you.


My Chuseok in Pictures — People, Places and Things

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This year’s Chuseok holiday was really enjoyable. My family couldn’t go to our hometown for this Chuseok, so I spent almost my Chuseok holiday with my friend. On the first day of the holiday, I went to Time Square in Yeongdeung-po with my boyfriend. We went window shopping all day. We also visited a Mexican-food restaurant in Itaewon. On the second day, I had a nice time with my family. My mother made meat fritters and songpyun for our family. It was very delicious. After eating, my family watched TV together. On the last day of the holiday, I chatted with my Chinese friend on kakaotalk, and we celebrated each other’s holiday.